The Caylyx Project We believe in giving back to the community. The Caylyx project is one of the ways that we feel we can make a difference.

The Caylyx Project extends out support to people dealing with depression. Our cats and kittens give meaning to those people who are lost. It gives them an outlet where it is beneficial for them and the animal.
Please join us at Petsmart West for our adoption events from 12:00 -3:00. Please check out our event calendar to see what dates we will be there.
Use GoodSearch when you search the internet – they will donate a penny to us every time you do.
About Inormation - Kitten Fisher Valley Felines is a 501(c)3 non-profit , no kill foster based animal rescue located in Fitchburg Wisconsin. Over the past 10 years we have both fostered and adopted out numerous cats and kittens. Some remain in life-long care, but most have found new families and new lives as pets.

Fisher Valley Felines does not receive government funding. We do not have special grants. We rely on the kindness of others for the care of our cats and kittens. This is done via, donations, helping at the rescue, assisting in events and many other various ways.

We feel it is our obligation to give the cats and kittens we foster and adopt a second chance at life. Our goal is to have the animals under our care feel like they are wanted, and needed. We keep their bellies full, provide them with a roof over their heads, make sure their medical needs are taken care of, and we love them like they are our own children... Second chances and happy endings don't happen often for cats and kittens. We are happy to assist in any way we can to make it happen.
Fisher Valley Felines is honored to have been selected as 1 of only 500 rescue groups and shelters nationwide to participate in the Purina Pro Plan's Rally to Rescue Program
Of our cats and kittens are pulled from kill shelters days(sometimes hours) before being euthanized.
Did you know that approximately 6-8 million adoptable pets enter shelters each year? 3-4 million of those adoptable pets, of which, are euthanized (60 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats). This translates to 16,438 to 21,917 pets euthanized each DAY. NOTE: Some annual estimates are as high as 12 million.

25-30% of pets for adoption in shelters are purebred. The other 70-75%, of course, are lovable, wonderful mixed-breed dogs and cats, just waiting for a chance to be your perfect new friend. - Only 30 percent of dogs and 2-5 percent of cats entering shelters are reclaimed by the original owner. Less than 2 percent of cats and only 15 to 20 percent of dogs are returned to their owners. Most of these were identified with tags, tattoos or microchips.

When you adopt from Fisher Valley Felines you're saving lives. That's correct: lives... as in more than one. How? If you adopt from Fisher Valley Felines, you're making room for another cat or kitten, or you're allowing other cats and kittens at the rescue to be kept for a longer period of time, giving them a better shot at being adopted. If you adopt from Fisher Valley Felines, you're also allowing us to rescue another cat or kitten at a public shelter, which, of course, saves the life of that little guy plus the lives of others at that shelter by creating space so new cats and kittens can be kept longer.
We are in the process of trying to update our rescue. With most of our funds going towards the medical care and upkeep of our cats and kittens we don't have enough left for improvements.

With your support, and a small donation, we can take one step closer to our goal.
Throughout the year we have various events that we we could use some assistance with. We have recently started helping the UW with a concession stand, and we always welcome volunteer help at our bi-weekly adoption events at Petsmart on the West side of Madison. Click here to find out more about other volunteering for Fisher Valley Felines.