Fisher Valley Felines is proud of the UW Sports program, and we are proud to assist the UW system when we can.

Throughout the year we take part in working the concession stands at various sporting events. A portion of the money generated from these events will go towards the accumulating medical expenses for the care of our cats and kittens.

In the near future we hope to generate enough interest and support from the community so Fisher Valley felines can work larger events. If this is something that you would be interested in please call Karen at (608) 516-3034 or email us at
Fisher Valley strives to makes its presence known within the community. Throughout the year there are various events that take place. - At least twice a month we have adoption events at PetSmart, and in the fall/winter months we have been working a concession stand at the Kohl's center.

Our goal is to make people aware of Fisher Valley Felines, and our cause, while providing a service to the community.

Please come back often and check the calendar for upcoming events. If you are interested in helping at these events feel free to send us an email.
The adoption events at Petsmart are very important for Fisher Valley Felines. Without them an important outlet to find homes for our cats and kittens would limit the numbers we could save. For each cat or kitten we adopt out at one of these events another space opens up for one to come into the rescue. Since we have limited space, and a high demand for rescue each adoption we do is very important.

We welcome volunteers for these events. We won't promise a day full of wild excitement because, if you do help, the main thing we need assistance with is comforting the animals. There really isn't a lot to holding a kitty, but the comfort you can provide for the 3-4 hours they are there means the world to them. These furry little friends are pulled from the comfort of their home and placed in a strange environment... They need you to make them feel safe.

If you are interested in helping please fill out an application.