Some of the animals that come into the rescue have special needs that require ongoing medical attention or cats that have social issues. These are the cats and kittens that are unlikely candidates for adoption. While many other shelters and rescues would fault the animal for these issues and put them down, we believe that the fault remains on the owner. Any cat or kitten deserves a chance at life. Because of this, Fisher Valley Felines will continue to provide the care they need, a shelter over their heads, and the love that they so well deserve until the end of their time here on earth.

For those of you that cannot have kitties sponsorship is always an option. These kitties will be your special family member---we'll just do the work for you.

If you are someone who would like to make a difference in an animal's life, please consider sponsoring one of our kitties. Sponsorship of a cat or kitten is a one time cost of $35.00 and applies until the animal is adopted. You can contribute your gift by either using the PayPal link or by submitting an application.

If your rescue kitty does get adopted or passes on you will be notified so that you can select another cat to sponsor if you wish.
Our cost to get a cat ready for adoption:
Spay - $40.00
Neuter - $30.00
Vet Visit -$35.00
Vaccinations, de-worming and feLuk/FIV testing - $60.00
Yearly food cost - $60.00
Taking care of a cat or kitten does not come cheap and every dollar spent comes out of our pocket. (NOTE: Our adoption fee doesn't even cover the cost of food or any other misc. expenses that we run into.)

Consider helping us out and sponsor a kitty. Your one time cost of $35.00 helps us take care of the basic needs of our little babies before we can find them homes.
A sponsor family:
Can choose the cat they wish to sponsor
If requested, can visit the cat by making an appointment in advance.
Will receive a picture of their special family member.
Will receive updates on their shelter kitty