Taking care of the animals is a task that one person can not handle alone. Some of the duties involve some grunt work, some involve involve public relations and other various items. The goal of Fisher Valley Felines is to help those who can not speak for themselves. You can help us help them.
Two or more times a month we have adoption events held at PetSmart West in Madison, WI. Having individuals available to help with the set-up and breakdown of the stand, to help handle the animals, and to answer questions is critical to the success of these events.

An adoption event is the most important thing for Fisher Valley Felines. Without them our cats and kittens don't have that outlet to interact with potential families.

Most of the time these adoption events take the cat or kitten out of their element so they are afraid and need comfort. We need people to help eliminate the stress of such events and be able to work with the public so they understand this. -Often loving, playful cats and kittens do not find homes because they do not show well at these events.

Any help we can get is welcomed!
We currently need people to help by coordinating or participating in our fundraising efforts. We run car wash events, rummage sales of donated items and work the concession stand at the Kohl's Center. We need help with all of these events so that they go smoothly.
Animal transportation
We occasionally need someone to bring animals to the rescue from where they were found or to their foster home from the rescue. Transportation to and from adoption events is also often needed.
Handyperson chores at the rescue
There are always items and areas that are in need of up-keep. This opportunity is great for individuals that like to work with their hands.
Public Relations Coordination
With the many events that we are involved in there is always need for advertising ideas and development. Individuals in this role would also be welcome to submit articles for and help with our website, newsletter (quarterly), and bulletin boards.
Gardening and landscaping
With all of the care that goes into the rescue we often have to stretch our time to keep things neat and tidy outside. If anybody has a green thumb, or would like a project to do, we are always looking for help.
Socializing and grooming the animals
Just because cats are in a rescue doesn't mean they need affection any less. We need volunteers to spend time with them to help them learn to accept humans.