Boudicca (Previously named pastry)
Adopted Kitty Pastry
Boudicca is my first cat since my childhood cat and dear companion, Sophie, died.  And she's the first cat I've ever picked out myself, so I was nervous.  She was very shy when we picked her up, but the second we let her out of the carrier, she came to life.  She's wonderfully curious, loves being around people, and has an outrageous amount of confidence for such a small animal!  One of her most admirable traits is how undeterred by obstacles she is.  My fiance's cat, Eli, was not a huge fan of her at first, but she was calm and friendly and knew when to back away, and within a week they were grooming each other, sleeping together, and chasing each other through the apartment like a pair of kittens!  I was nervous and unsure of what to expect at first, but Boudicca has jumped right into our hearts and has become part of the family.  Thank you for bringing us together Fisher Valley Felines!